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Simplifying analysis. Saving lives.  


More than 6 million babies around the world die shortly before they are born, or immediately after. A significant number of these babies are from Sub-Saharan Africa. A third of these deaths are a result of deprivation of oxygen to the unborn baby (intrauterine hypoxia and acidaemia). Timely assessment and appropriate intervention will avoid fetal neurological damage or death. Cardiotocography is the most commonly adopted tool for antenatal fetal surveillance and assessment, but traditional systems are prohibitively expensive, inaccessible to remote communities, and too complicated to interpret.  


Quro Medical and its local and international partners are developing an automated computerised electronic fetal heart rate monitoring solution that is robust, using numeric facts instead of opinion. The device is portable, affordable and rechargeable (with long battery life), and powered by the best evidence-based algorithms for robust analysis and interpretation of well-being.


The remote fetal monitoring solution will act as an expert assistant for CTG interpretation and accurate interpretation criteria and has the potential to reach even the remotest of communities.

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