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We bring hospital-level care to the patient's home. 


Healthcare is changing; healthcare professionals are facing the pressure to provide care at a reduced cost, without sacrificing quality and patient satisfaction. Additionally, hospitals are not a one-size-fits-all solution for patients. Hospitals are increasingly proving to be sub-optimal environments for treatment and recovery for many patients.


Quro Medical-at-Home is powered by our proprietary technology platform coupled with evidence-based protocols and best practices, which together enable a seamless home care delivery experience.

Quro Medical provides all the essential elements of inpatient care in the comfort and convenience of the patient's home. By employing well-educated staff, cutting-edge technology, organised and responsive management, we believe that we will become the home healthcare service of choice in Southern Africa.

We bring all the essential elements of

in-patient care to the patient's home.

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For each step of the healthcare journey.

In-lieu of Admission

For patients who would ordinarily be admitted to  a general ward, who simply need monitoring, IV medication and clinical support.

Early Hospital Discharge

For patients already in the hospital whose clinical condition has stabilised but requires ongoing hospital-level monitoring and care.

Post Hospital Discharge

For patients at-high risk of clinical deterioration post hospital discharge following an acute admission or procedure.  

Would you like to refer a patient?

Please download the patient referral form below. Alternatively, call us on 010 1417710. 

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