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Redefining healthcare delivery

Quro Medical is an innovative digital health company pioneering premium hospital-at-home services in Southern Africa. We combine cutting-edge technologies with a strong personal touch to deliver unique healthcare solutions for our customers.
Founded in 2018, Quro Medical is a South African digital health company headquartered in Johannesburg with a vision of pushing the boundaries of innovation to deliver premium healthcare solutions that are accessible and affordable for everyone. 
Quro Medical is ushering in a new era of innovation in South Africa's healthcare landscape. In line with South Africa’s national strategy to harness the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Quro Medical is set to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, using key patient physiological data as digital biomarkers to not only detect but to anticipate which patients are likely to fall into trouble.
Quro Medical focuses on more than "just technology". We oversee a healthcare ecosystem that brings together medical specialist oversight, clinical professional delivered treatment, evidence-based clinical protocols, patient biometrics monitoring with predictive analytics, on-demand in-home services and equipment, and rapid response protocols and resources in an urgent or emergency event.
Quro Medical is pioneering an innovative healthcare delivery and economic model that challenges that status quo. Quality and affordability need not be mutually exclusive, and our results speak for themselves.
Our Mission
We leverage technology and harness the best of our people to improve the wellbeing of others. 
Our Partners
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