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Comfortable, Convenient Care


Quro Medical-at-Home allows acutely ill patients to receive medical treatment at home that would otherwise require hospitalisation or a step-down facility. A dedicated team of clinical professionals treats and monitors patients daily, typically over the course of three to five days. We offer our patients a suite of integrated services that may include daily in-person or video visits from our clinical professionals, nursing care, IV support, oxygen, and physiotherapy. The patient's doctor provides oversight ensuring the highest quality and safest level of care.  Research has shown that patients who receive hospital-at-home care have fewer complications and readmissions, and they also rate their health care experience more highly. 

Currently, Quro Medical-at-Home provides safe treatment for a set of specific conditions, including community acquire pneumonia, congestive heart failure, COPD, cellulitis, and dehydration.


You may be referred to Quro Medical-at-Home by your doctor if you:

  • Have a medical condition that needs immediate treatment for a short period

  • Had surgery that would normally require a short stay in hospital

  • Recently admitted in hospital and would normally be referred to a step-down facility 

Benefits of our Hospital-at-Home: 


24-hour vital sign monitoring using cutting-edge technology

We monitor patient vital signs continuously to know how the patients are fairing and to potentially predict deterioration of health conditions before they ever happen.  


Improved patient experience, recovery and satisfaction

Patients receive care from our qualified clinical staff at home, which means there is no need to travel to the hospital. Patients typically have better healthcare experiences and faster recovery times compared with traditional hospital care. 


Continued medication education and support

We provide personalised health education to sustain recovery beyond initial care. 

Senior Physiotherapy

Reduced hospital stay and prevention of hospital readmissions

Often, once a diagnosis has been confirmed in hospital and treatment has been intiated, patients can be transitioned home to recover in a familiar environment while under the watchful eye of their treating doctor. Continued support, education and monitoring reduce the risk of rehospitalisation.   


Treatment at home 

Treatment is administered in the home environment including medication, intravenous therapy, wound care, and dressing changes. 


Lower Risk of Infection 

At home, patients have a much lower risk of acquiring or spreading hospital-borne infections.


Interested in Quro Medical 

To access QM Hospital-at-Home, please discuss with your treating doctor. Together we will formulate a treatment plan specific for you.

Alternatively, please call us on +27 (0)10 141 7710 and one of our consultants will arrange the service with your doctor.



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