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Quality, Affordable, Safe Care

Hospitals are increasingly becoming sub-optimal environments for treatment and recovery for many patients. Consequently, there is a global move towards providing the highest quality and safest level of care, in the most optimal environment for individual patients. Several international hospital-at-home models have demonstrated benefits including:


  • Reduction of mortality 

  • Fewer complication rates

  • Greater satisfaction with care 

  • Lower costs of care


Quro Medical has created a healthcare ecosystem to provide an alternative treatment solution for patients:  a human resource and technology-enabled in-home medical care and monitoring service that enables patients to be treated safely in the comfort of their own homes. Our service improves patient clinical outcomes and satisfaction while simultaneously reducing the cost of care significantly.

How do I refer a patient? 

Before referring patient, doctors need to sign up and accept our terms of use.   


Please download and complete the referral form. The form should be emailed to






Which patients can I refer? 

We accept any condition deemed appropriate by you as the treating doctor, provided that the patient would have required general ward admission. Examples of conditions that have been referred to us include: community-acquired pneumonia, COVID19, acute exacerbation of COPD, acute exacerbation of asthma, acute exacerbation of congestive cardiac failure, cellulitis, urinary tract infection, deep vein thrombosis, dehydration, post-surgery, etc.

What is my role as the doctor during my patient's home admission?  

While receiving treatment as part of the Hospital at Home service your patient will remain under your care as the treating doctor. They will only discharged from the service once they have completed their treatment programme.

You are expected to draft a care plan for your patient and remain engaged in your patient's care for the duration of their admission. The Quro Medical team will execute your care plan and provide you with daily updates on your patient's progress via the Quro Medical Insight platform.  

What care does my patient receive at home? 

Care for your patient at home is delivered by a team of  trained healthcare professionals who bring all the essential elements of in-patient care to the home, including medication, short-term oxygen and real-time patient monitoring. The team will schedule regular visits, daily or more frequently, depending on the individual need. Patients also have access to advice and support outside of these scheduled visits. 

What if the clinical status of my patients changes? 

A small subset of patients may show signs of deterioration despite interventions in accordance with the patient’s personalized care plan. In this event, Quro Medical will be able to detect any significant change or deterioration in the patient’s condition and a rapid response protocol will be instituted by our healthcare team stationed at our 24-hour command center to mobilize an appropriate intervention.

Such an event activates Quro Medical’s emergency medical services (EMS) protocol to facilitate escalation of care.  In the unlikely event that the clinical deterioration warrants a transition to a higher level of care, a decision is taken in conjunction with you as the treating doctor, to facilitate acute hospital admission.

What happens at the end of a Quro Medical admission? 

Patients remain enrolled in the care of Quro Medical for an average of five consecutive days. The patient is discharged from our care once you deem them to be clinically stable and ready for discharge. Quro Medical will issue a discharge summary and share it with you.  An ongoing post discharge care service is provided through ad hoc telephonic visits following discharge. 

Is the Quro Medical Hospital at Home reimbursed my medical aid? 

Yes. At present, our services are covered by Medscheme-administered medical schemes including: Bonitas, Polmed, Nedgroup Fedhealth, MBMed, SAMWUMED, AECI Medical Aid Society, Medshield, Parmed Medical Aid Scheme, Horizon Medical Aid, Barloworld Medical Society. 

Will I be reimbursed for providing continued clinical oversight? 

Yes. Doctors who provide continued clinical oversight and remain engaged in the care of their patient will be reimbursed. 

Which regions do you cover? 

We currently offer the Hospital at Home solution in Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounding areas, and East London. The Remote Patient Monitoring & Clinical Oversight solution is offered in Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounding areas, East London, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. 

We are working tirelessly to expand our services across the country in response to demand.

Doctors Sign up here: 
Join the growing number of doctors that are choosing Quro Medical Hospital at Home for their patients.
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