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Now, safer at home.  

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A Comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring Solution. 

Our solution keeps patients safe while reducing additional stress on hospitals, emergency rooms, and front-line healthcare workers.

Quro Medical’s solution offers 24-hour remote vital sign monitoring (including heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature, and oxygen saturation) in real-time to COVID-19 patients in the comfort of their own home.  


Presumed positive or COVID19 patients are enrolled in our integrated ecosystem. Patients receive continuous vital signs monitoring using advanced FDA and SAHPRA-approved and CE-marked devices. The Quro Medical InSight portal allows 24-hour monitoring of patients by a qualified team of healthcare professionals stationed at our 24/7 Command Centre, facilitating real-time remote monitoring of patients at home. Daily care includes virtual visits and advanced clinical support, driven by evidence-based clinical protocols to identify early features of clinical deterioration. This ensures early mobilisation and escalation of care by a dedicated team of EMS providers in the event of clinical deterioration.

Our comprehensive remote patient monitoring solution 

  • Ensures COVID-19 confirmed patients managed at home are safely and continuously monitored;

  • Prevents repeated exposure of healthcare workers, thus mitigating the risk of developing COVID-19;

  • Reduces the use of PPE;

  • Enables early identification of clinical deterioration before intermittent, conventional methods; and

  • Provides personalised care with greater patient satisfaction.

  • Reduces the burden on hospital bed capacity;

  • Offers a cost-effective alternative to managing patients who may otherwise have been hospitalised in a general ward.

Quro Medical

COVID19 Testimonial

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